Studio 10 is FOX10 Gulf Coast's lifestyle marketing show that gives you the opportunity to showcase your business to local viewers.

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What is Studio 10?

If it happens on the Gulf Coast, it's showcased on Studio 10. Studio 10 airs weekdays at 9 am on FOX10. It's hosted by Joe Emer and Chelsey Sayasane. The show features entertainment, lifestyle, food, fashion, and more - plus there are cooking segments every show. The goal of Studio 10 is to get the community interested in local businesses and organizations around the Gulf Coast. 

Studio 10 is a great way to get your business involved with TV and the community. Each segment is posted to the studio 10 page on where they will live for consumers to reference in the future. 

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Advertising With Studio 10

With a dynamic set of hosts and entertaining segments, Studio 10 is the perfect medium to get your events, products, or services seen by the community. Clients can be highlighted in segments and scheduled to air in our weekday shows.

By advertising your brand through one of our segments, you are giving your business an opportunity to expand your reach throughout the Gulf Coast. Plus after the show, the segment is posted to the Studio 10 page at from where they can be easily shared.



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