Why Retail Businesses are Doing More Lifestyle Marketing on Fox10

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Jun 15, 2021 3:32:52 PM


Why Retail Businesses are Doing More Lifestyle Marketing on Fox10

Lifestyle marketing is a popular way for retail businesses to gain brand awareness. By aligning your business with lifestyle brands, you paint a picture for potential customers showing your products or services as having value based on association. If the brands consumers already have a relationship with trust you, they will feel that what you have to offer is worth learning more about.  

For example, promoting your food store by sponsoring a segment on the Today Show where you can cook a meal to showcase your products is iconic lifestyle marketing. Highlighting your business during daily programming that is a part of many people's lives associates your brand with one they love and feel passionate about. When your advertising is presented in concert with a brand consumers know and trust, you are well on your way to developing your relationships with them.   

Sponsoring a lifestyle segment on Fox10 can bring similar exposure to your Gulf Coast-centric retail business. 

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What is the importance of lifestyle marketing on the Gulf Coast?  

Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 4.30.39 PMIn the Gulf Coast region, one of the best ways to market involves targeting customers who share similar lifestyle traits. Those are the people who will benefit directly from your products or services. Your goal with lifestyle marketing is to reach your audience in the places where they spend their time. Whether it's television, print ads, online, or social media, it gives the opportunity to connect with those consumers you want to attract.  

Many customers make every effort to patronize local businesses. Statistics show that mobile queries including the words "near me" have grown by over 200% in the past year. The desire to shop locally gives owners the incentive to establish themselves as part of the community. By advertising in local lifestyle programming, you show your neighbors that you exist and are ready to help them solve their needs. 

Lifestyle programming offers:  

  • Exposure to new audiences. By aligning your brand with one that already has a wide audience, you get to tap into a consumer base you could never reach otherwise. 
  • Increased engagement. When you sponsor lifestyle programming, you not only have access to a television audience, you get to engage with viewers on the website and social media channels, as well. 
  • Cost-effectiveness. The ROI of the amount you spend on ad placement is compounded through placement on the internet and social media. 

Studio 10 offers sponsorship opportunities that show your brand in its best light while reminding the community that you're one of us.   

What is Studio 10? 

Airing on WALA FOX10, Studio 10 is the Gulf Coast's place to go for entertainment, fashion, advice, lifestyle, and food. Each weekday at 9 am, what's happening on the Gulf Coast is showcased on Studio 10. The community is educated about legal matters, homeownership, healthy living, finance, style, and so much more. Segments showcase upcoming events, pets of the week, music, weather, recipes, products, services, and beauty. Viewers can learn about new businesses, getting fit, saving money, and living well. Studio 10 is an opportunity to bring the community together and remind us how lucky we are to live here. 

Hosts Chelsey Sayasane and Joe Emer introduce the Gulf Coast to business owners in the region. Cooking segments that air during the program give clients the chance to be highlighted on TV. Guests can prepare a menu item from their restaurant or demonstrate how to cook using the food products they sell. 

Sponsorship on Studio 10 aligns your brand with all the good things that are happening in and around the Gulf Coast.   

What is advertising like on Studio 10?  

Retail lifestyle marketing is gaining popularity on the Gulf Coast. More local shops in the area are looking to Studio 10 as a way to foster engagement with the public. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 4.30.49 PM

When you advertise on Studio 10, your business gets involved with the community. Sponsorships of taped or in-studio segments allow your business, events, products, or services to get exposure throughout the Gulf Coast region. After the show, each segment is posted to the Studio 10 webpage where consumers can reference them in the future. 

Contact your media professional to get involved and show the community your commitment to making the Gulf Coast a wonderful place to live, work, and play. 

Lifestyle Marketing with FOX10 Gulf Coast 

When you are ready to launch your lifestyle marketing campaign, FOX10 Gulf Coast can help you get the most exposure for your money. Studio 10 airs every day of the week to households in Alabama and Florida. Our team of innovators can help you craft your best story and present it to the world.  

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