Top Marketing Tips for Home Service Businesses Looking to Advertise

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Apr 2, 2021 9:15:00 AM


Top Marketing Tips for Home Service Businesses Looking to Advertise

With so many people spending more time at home, there’s never been a better time to be a home services business. However, it's important to brand your business so that it stands out among the competition. To truly make an impression on potential and current consumers, you need to pay special attention to your brand and get your message to the right people.

When you establish your brand, you’re also building consumer trust. And 81% of consumers say they need to trust a brand before making a purchase. With that in mind, here are five  marketing tips for advertising your home services business.

Run a Commercial

When you run a commercial, you put a face to your business that has the potential to be much more memorable and entertaining than other forms of advertising. It's what you decide to do with it that makes all the difference. 

Benefits to show and tell what you can do through a commercial:

  • It helps you brand your business through an auditory and visual medium.
  • Images and videos are more memorable than text.
  • 52% of consumers believe TV ads are helpful in learning about a product/service, and the majority of them purchased it after seeing the commercial.

Despite what you may have been hearing, TV advertising is far from failing. It is still a multi-billion-dollar industry, with a forecast of steady growth in the coming years.

Host Video Testimonials on Your Website

Feature video testimonials on social, your website, and within commercials. You should include video testimonials wherever you can to ensure the right people will see them. This creates credibility and shows your work firsthand, positioning your brand and business as one that can be trusted over the competition. 

Think of it this way. Consumers trust testimonials more than your advertising when it comes to influencing their purchasing decisions in the following ways: 

  • Trust — 72% of consumers say positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business.
  • Comparable to friends/family — 88% of consumers trust online testimonials and reviews as much as recommendations from friends or family.
  • Decision-making — 73% of consumers read six or fewer reviews before making a decision.
  • Conversions — 50 or more reviews on multiple product pages can increase conversions by 4.6%.

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Feature Before and After Photos

Have a section on your website with before and after photos to showcase your projects. This helps to brand your business as one that does excellent work that's worth the investment. 

Believe it or not, there's a psychological reason before and after pics work so well in converting. Derek Halpern, the founder of Social Triggers, explains that you "need marketing that persuades your prospect that your product can deliver results." 

Before and after photos do this by creating a connection with consumers, giving you control of your story, and perceived results speak louder than real results. Halpern adds, "People don't know how good something is until they first know how bad it was."

Sponsor Lifestyle Segments

Work with a media partner to host segments on their lifestyle show to offer tips and tricks. Consumers will enjoy your products much more if they know how to use them to their full potential. Not to mention it will likely also inspire them to share those tips and tricks with friends, family, and social media — bringing a significant amount of brand awareness. 

This will help brand your business in many ways. To name a few:

  • Brand personality — You give your brand a voice and an image.
  • Consumer/business relationship — Allow your audience to get to know you on a deeper level.
  • Lend a helping hand — For consumers not ready for a big project yet, you can lend a helping hand, creating a closer relationship with them.

Publish a DIY Series on Social Media

Use social media to post behind the scenes, DIY, how-to's, and other educational content for users. Studies show that educational content makes consumers 131% more likely to buy.

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We recommend weekly posts on DIY tips and tricks to create relationships and engagement. When consumers can count on you posting regularly, they're more likely to seek it out every week, watch them, share them, and engage with you and other customers. 

Brand Your Home Service Business

In the end, if you want a successful and thriving home service business, you do not want to underestimate the power and potential of branding. It is the foundation of your whole business, setting the standard for how you conduct yourself with consumers and how your brand is perceived.

Commercials, video testimonials, before and after photos, sponsors, and DIY series on social media all maximize your brand's potential and, therefore, leads to more sales and better customer relationships. It's a digital world, and video is here to stay. You'll want to get as comfortable as possible with it. Stay up to date and tuned in to our blog for more home service business advertising tips and tricks.

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