Top 5 Plastic Surgery Marketing Tactics to Attract New Patients

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Jul 23, 2021 10:36:00 AM


Top 5 Plastic Surgery Marketing Tactics to Attract New Patients

Demand for healthcare services has begun to increase as life resumes to normalcy. People feel safe enough to enter a medical facility for elective procedures, including plastic surgery. Here are some ways to adjust your practice's plastic surgery marketing to stay top-of-mind among the competition. 

Are You Confident In Your Brand?

1. Share Testimonials

Sharing testimonials for plastic surgery practicesMany types of plastic surgery aren't covered by health insurance, so patients want to be sure that they'll get their money's worth. When choosing a plastic surgeon, people often take to the internet to search for testimonials. If your practice has no feedback at all, consumers are less likely to make an appointment. 

In 2020, a study showed that positive local consumer reviews made people 94% more likely to trust a business. The study also found that consumers were 92% less likely to contact a business after reading negative reviews. Consumers are just as likely to trust these reviews as recommendations from their close friends or family members. 

Although Google Reviews can draw people to your practice, the best place for customer reviews is your website. This simplifies the customer journey, as they can find a link to schedule an appointment on the same website. They should also be able to see your practice's business hours and days of operation. 

After a successful procedure, encourage your customers to leave a positive review about their experience. To ensure they don't forget, incentivize your patients with discounts on aftercare products. Such generosity will also make an impact on your customers, making them more likely to recommend your practice. 

2. Post Transformation Photos and Videos

When it comes to plastic surgery, patients are very picky about how they want their bodies to look. They want to be confident that your staff will perform a procedure correctly the first time. Botched surgeries can cost thousands of additional dollars to repair. Living with the effects until they can be fixed could also cause the patient emotional or physical discomfort. 

You can set their minds at ease by posting before and after pictures of operations performed on previous patients. These photos should be high-definition and have good lighting so that potential customers can clearly see your work. Before posting any photos or videos, always obtain the consent of the patient who underwent the procedure. 

Video marketing statistics

Transformation photos are great, but transformation videos are even more appealing to potential patients. Some consumers are less likely to trust photos that can be easily doctored with digital editing software. Additionally, video allows you to showcase more angles of a successful outcome. 

Video content is also proven to get more engagement from consumers. Video marketing has been shown to increase traffic on 86% of websites, and 78% of marketers report that video content directly contributes to increased sales. 

3. Have an FAQ Section on Your Website 

FAQ page for plastic surgeonsWhen searching for a good plastic surgeon, many people often have a few initial questions. They may want to know potential side effects of the procedure, insurance and pricing questions, or follow-up instructions. If they're not ready to schedule an appointment yet, an FAQ section can be very helpful. 

Customers often do extensive research on their own before using a product or service. Getting their questions answered from an FAQ reduces the time they have to spend looking up different practices. It also shows that you understand their concerns and can be trusted to provide answers.  

4. Create a Commercial

With a commercial, you can use visual marketing components to capture the attention of your target audience. The internet often doesn't show pictures of a practice's actual office or the people who work there. This is your chance to showcase a clean, bright facility and the friendly faces of your staff. 

You can also use relaxing music in the commercial to portray the plastic surgery customer journey as a positive experience. Voiceovers can relay important information to consumers, such as COVID-19 precautions and sanitization. Always include a clear CTA detailing how interested customers can make an appointment. 

5. Paid Social

Paid social media advertisingWith so many people using social media each day, we know it has a broad reach. Checking a brand's social media pages is now a crucial step in the customer's initial research. Paying for ad space on these platforms can bring your plastic surgery practice near the top of your target's timeline.  

Even better, you can save time by using transformation videos you've already created as ads. You can also repurpose your commercial to post on your practice's YouTube or Facebook page. Sharing your video on social media also engages customers who might not pay for television service. 

The Future of Plastic Surgery Marketing

Make your plastic surgery practice stand out during the anticipated healthcare surge with trusted reviews and thoughtful marketing. You should also be prepared to help your customers by supplying accurate FAQ information and high-quality transformation photos or video. These five tips will help you stay ahead of the competition and put your best face forward.

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