Top 10 Facts About Email Marketing you Might Not Know

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Top 10 Facts About Email Marketing you Might Not Know

If you want to connect with new prospects, you need to use targeted marketing channels that maximize your reach. Wide-reaching campaigns can help establish your brand identity; however, you'll also want to reach your audience through multiple touchpoints that carry them down the sales funnel. Through email marketing, you can develop a complete strategy that yields excellent results and drives success.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing connects you with leads and past customers to promote your brand and inform your audiences. You can use email marketing to provide your prospects with new information about your company, educate them on certain topics in your industry, or send offers relevant to where your customers are on the buyer's journey.

Email marketing is one of the best ways for your brand to succeed. In fact, 80% of marketers have reported that email is the best channel for acquiring new customers.


Benefits of Email Marketing

There are multiple benefits of using email marketing for your business. When combined with other marketing efforts, you'll be able to increase your ROI and ensure that people don't fall off at any point during their customer journey.

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1. Retarget past customers

Your email lists are likely to include existing customers who've made purchases in the past. By retargeting these customers through emails, you can keep them coming back to you. You can send emails that provide more information about new offerings based on customers' interests, or you can get them to update their contact details to enable you to stay in touch. 

2. Cart abandonment — getting them to come back

People often abandon shopping carts for several reasons, whether they're merely browsing, deterred by shipping costs, or go somewhere else to compare prices without returning. However, these instances don't need to result in lost sales. You can use cart abandonment emails to remind people to complete their purchases if they're still interested. Many people are likely to engage with these reminders, as the average open rate for cart abandonment emails is around 43%


3. Personalized content

People like personalized content that seems like it's directed toward them instead of just anyone, which is why you're likely to get a better response from it. It's possible to create personalized emails that include content that addresses specific segments of your audience or even individual users.

4. Increase/generate leads

Looking for ways to generate more leads? Email marketing is one of the best tools to use for increasing lead generation. By identifying your target audience, creating irresistible offers, and keeping subscribers engaged with your content, you can grow email leads organically.  

5. Generate website traffic

You can include links in emails and calls to action that encourage people to click through to your website. Draw more traffic to specific content or landing pages, which you can then track to gauge your campaigns’ performance.

6. Grow brand awareness

Email makes it easy to connect with new audiences and increase brand recognition. With a brand awareness email campaign, you can help people become familiar with your business while showing them what differentiates you from competitors.

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7. Build credibility and trust

It's also possible to gain more trust and build credibility among audiences as they learn more about your brand and offerings. One way you can use email to increase trust is to launch an email blast that details new products or services. Working with a media partner can make this even more effective as you align your brand with theirs and appeal to their customers.

8. Cost-effective marketing

Email campaigns don't have to cost a lot to develop and run, and the high success rate is likely to make this channel one of the most cost-effective. Compared to other marketing efforts, you can see great ROI at a lower overall cost.

9. Owning your contact list

You can make full use of your contact list to segment and reach out to your audiences with hyper-targeted email campaigns. Connecting via email can be much more effective than cold-calling or other tactics that deter rather than attracting leads and customers.

10. Easy to reach the right people at the right time

You have the ability not only to target the right audiences with a well-optimized email campaign, but you can also make sure you reach them at the right time. People often check their emails on smartphones and other devices, and you can pinpoint the best times to send out emails based on when your audiences are most active.

Incorporating Email Marketing

If you want to implement email marketing into your next campaign, begin by considering what you want to share with your audience. Educational content shows the value your business brings to the table. Customers might also be receptive to details about new offerings, discounts or other promotions, and industry or company updates. 

It's also important to make sure your messaging and other creative elements stand out as uniquely yours. At the same time, your email campaigns should align with your other marketing tactics. You can integrate email with other efforts by maintaining consistent creative across all channels and connecting email campaigns to specific landing pages that make them easier to measure and track. 

With a comprehensive email marketing campaign behind your brand, you'll be able to connect with audiences more effectively, generate more leads, and increase sales.

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