Tips for Advertising Your Pest Control Company

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May 3, 2021 9:23:00 AM


Tips for Advertising Your Pest Control Company

Springtime brings all kinds of critters out of hiding, and now is the perfect time to advertise your pest control company as a professional solution. The key is to make sure your brand and business are at the forefront of consumer’s minds when they need you. 

There are 29,509 pest control businesses in the U.S., and the average industry growth is around 5.2%. This means that despite there always being a problem to resolve for clients, the industry is saturated with competition, and you need to stand out to be heard. 

Break Through the Noise with an Effective TV Commercial

Here are some helpful tips for advertising your pest control company to get ahead of the competition this spring. 

Run a Commercial 

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 9.48.52 AMIt's so important to show and tell consumers what you can. TV advertising gives you that capability and access to a large number of viewers in the process.  

The average American watches more than 4 hours of TV each day (that’s 28 hours/week, or two months of nonstop TV-watching per year) — allowing you ample time to reach the right consumers. 

Host Video Testimonials 

Video testimonials are crucial to getting the word out that your services are something consumers can trust and rely on to get the job done. This is because it creates credibility by hearing it from happy customers rather than only from you. 

Many consumers look to testimonials and reviews before making a purchasing decision — 72% of consumers say positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business, and 88% of consumers trust online testimonials and reviews as much as recommendations from friends or family. 

Consider hosting on social media, your website, and within commercials every chance you get.  

Sponsor Lifestyle Segments 

Work with a media partner to host segments on their lifestyle show to better reach your audience and expand your local reach. This can be a great opportunity for you to offer tips and tricks on some DIY pest control preventative measures and more. 

Not only do you increase your brand awareness, but you also establish your brand as experts in the industry and a homeowner's helping hand - a great start to a good customer relationship. 

Create An Email Newsletter Series 

Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 11-31-28 AM-pngEmail is far from out-of-style. More than 4 billion people are email users worldwide, over 3 million emails are sent every second, and 95% of consumers check email every day. Worried you'll be in their spam and go unseen? No problem! They also found that nearly 60% of email users check their spam folder daily. 

If you're unsure where to start with an email newsletter series, consider reaching out to existing clients and encouraging them to add preventative plans to keep pests at bay year-round.  

Publish Regularly to Social Media 

Use social media to post not only helpful information but more backstory into your brand and employees. Consumers LOVE hearing more about the people behind the product! 

Some social media tips to get you started: 

  • Behind the scenes pictures and videos. 
  • Post FAQs to create relationships and engagement. 
  • Post on LinkedIn to network with commercial businesses/apartment complexes/etc. that are likely to automate pest control with a monthly service account. 
  • Use humor to put people at ease about reaching out to you to solve their pest problems. 

Set Up a Referral Program 

Offer your current customers an opportunity to receive a reward if they refer a new customer to you. This helps you grow your business with the trust of those who already rely on you. 

Host Contests and Giveaways 

You can partner with other local businesses or people with a similar target audience and give away something that your target audience would find useful, like major discounts or even free services where you can.  

Encourage everyone to tell their friends, so you can get more people to enter and hopefully have a chance to make them a customer. 

Get Involved with the Community 

Partner with local organizations in the community to not only bring more awareness to you but contribute to something locally meaningful. You can do this by having an offer where when someone makes a purchase with your company, you will donate something to the community in return. 

Participate in community cause marketing initiatives like FOX10 Gulf Coast's Surprise Squad, 10 Caring Gifts, Operation Backpack, and many more around the area.  

Develop a Digital Campaign 

Having a digital campaign is crucial for pest control businesses. This is because having an online presence not only makes you look more professional - it also establishes you in the local area. 

Learn How to Integrate Your TV and Digital Ads

Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 11-24-51 AM-png

HubSpot research has found that not only is social media alone expected to reach as many as 257.4 million users by 2023, but 49% of users say they use Google to discover or find a new product or service. If you're not on either, then you're missing out on a significant increase in sales — not to mention this is only a small chunk of digital marketing.  

OTT Campaigns 

OTT advertising is another opportunity you won't want to miss out on as a pest control company. It's highly targeted, so it's great for reaching the right people with the right message. 

However, you don't want to just advertise anywhere. Go to the streaming channels where your customers are, such as home networks.  

Work with a Media Partner 

Media partners have the knowledge and resources to set your business up for growth. For this reason, your business will grow when partnered with a credible media company. It can be challenging to integrate your advertising tactics, let alone juggle a complex number of successful strategies.  

media partner already has the experience necessary to eliminate the headaches associated with that challenge and get you right on the track to success.  

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