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As of April 2021, 4.33 billion users are active on social media. Garnering a large following of these users increases brand awareness, and concentrated followings can promote local events or increase foot traffic. No matter what your goals are, here are some tried and true tips to perfect your social media marketing strategies. 

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You're Only as Good as Your Research 

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 9.04.59 AMIt's important to research your current audience and develop buyer personas based on their age, income, personal interests, and other factors. Figure out their favorite social media platforms so that you can put out targeted ads when they come online. 

You also need to research what kind of content will get the most engagement from your audience. Reports show that 36% of consumers would like to see more personalization from their favorite brands. Your social media posts might be seen by many users, but the goal is to inspire action from your followers.  

If your target audience is more inclined to watch videos, that's where you need to focus your creative efforts. You also have to find the best posting strategy that is guaranteed to get the most views. Take note of when your audience interacts with your content and schedule posts around those times. 

Actionable Goals Set You up for Success 

It's also important to figure out what goals you can feasibly achieve before you start implementing your social media strategy. Once you've successfully reached your audience, how can they help your business? If you don't have reasonable goals in place, your customers can't help your brand reach its full potential. 

If your business is relatively new, you could focus on lead generation or getting increased web traffic. For a thriving business in a slump, you might want to increase your social media engagement to draw in new customers. Regardless of your desired outcome, your goals need to align with your metrics for the best ROI. 

Fortunately, social media engagement is probably one of the easiest advertising avenues to track. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook allow you to see how many people liked and shared your content. You can also search for your brand's name to see if people perceive it in a negative or positive light. 

You can also judge a campaign's success by your brand's number of followers or social media profile visits. However, you don't have to use every single one of these metrics to determine a campaign's success. More importantly, you need to track the KPIs that will most likely result in a sale. 

Allocate a Budget That Sets up Your Success 

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 9.05.12 AMStatistics show that digital marketing on outlets like social media will take up 46% of global ad spend this year. A huge budget for a successful social media campaign isn't always necessary, but you have to effectively use what you have. For example, your budget should allow you to secure useful tools like management software to schedule your social media posts.  

You should also have enough money to pay for advertising or promoting a post with a higher potential for reach. Some companies might benefit from hiring an in-house social media manager, which will require a higher budget. You could always assign these duties to your current team, but that might be inefficient depending on the team's current workload. 

Your Quality Content Must Reach Your Audience 

Research about your target audience allows you to determine where they're most active across all social media platforms. Once you know where to advertise, you'll have to develop content that will resonate with your target audience. Seventy-seven percent of consumers only purchase products from brands that share their values. 

Consumers appreciate ads with quality visuals, emotional appeal, and helpful information to suit their needs. An ad that can capture a customer's attention emotionally increases loyalty and long-lasting brand recognition. 

Track Your Online Success 

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 9.05.19 AMEvery few months, you need to revisit your social media strategy to determine how well it's performing. This is because checking it on a daily or weekly basis won't really reveal consistent results. Tweaking your strategy to adjust to your customers' current needs is vital to retaining their loyalty.  

There are plenty of analytics programs you can use to track the click-through rate of your posts on social media. In addition to web traffic, tracking engagement with likes and shares also gives you a good picture of a campaign's success. 

Developing the Best Social Media Marketing Strategies 

A good social media strategy involves researching your target audience, setting realistic goals for your campaign, and producing meaningful content. Don't forget to keep tracking your success and listening to customer feedback to improve your existing strategy. Social media is undoubtedly a great marketing tool, but it also needs to be combined with effective marketing tactics. 

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