Recruitment Marketing Tips for Attracting Healthcare Talent

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Recruitment Marketing Tips for Attracting Healthcare Talent

Healthcare workers are at a premium today, and attracting top talent to vacancies can be challenging. Across the board, facilities are dealing with employee burnout and gaps in care due to staff shortages. Companies in need of qualified employees have to aggressively recruit, whether they are looking for advanced practitioners and nurses or administration and support staff.  

In this environment, you might have to adjust your recruitment tactics to find qualified candidates. When you know how to market to the right target audience, you can reach a broader audience and cut down on the time it takes to identify talent.    

These healthcare recruitment marketing tips can help you build your medical workforce and deliver the best possible care while preserving your bottom line. 

Learn How to Integrate Your TV and Digital Advertising

Update Your Digital Marketing Plan 

Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 2.48.09 PMTo reach medical professionals where they are, you must have a digital marketing plan that covers all the bases. Learn which online channels the providers you want to reach prefer and concentrate your efforts there. 

  • Update your online content to reflect your current needs and improve SEO. A job posting is a timely piece of content, and you want potential candidates to see it asap when they are surfing the internet.  
  • Email marketing is a great way to keep in contact with your audience and recruit candidates. It has an ROI of 38.1%, so be sure to take advantage of this highly effective avenue. 
  • Digital job boards are a great tool that can get your message to the right people just when they need to see it.   

Your digital presence will be the first point of contact for many job seekers, so you want to keep it current and attractive. 

Publicize Your Company Culture with a TV Commercial 

Forty-six percent of job seekers say that company culture is a significant factor in applying for a job. However, it can be challenging to learn about the culture of a workplace unless one is employed there. 

A TV commercial is an excellent way to publicize your company culture. You can exhibit who you are as a company and the role you play in the community. A good TV commercial is less expensive to produce than you may think and has a long shelf life because it can be posted across all platforms.  

Include staff in your commercial as well as satisfied patients. When potential candidates learn that your medical establishment is a place where they would feel comfortable working, they are more likely to respond to your job openings. A well-placed commercial can encourage applicants to apply even when you don't have a vacancy so that when you do, you have a pool of applicants to choose from.  

Ramp Up Your Social Media Recruitment Efforts 

Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 2.48.17 PMRelationships are built through social media, and it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to educate the public. By establishing a presence in the outlets your target audience is drawn to, you increase your exposure. It’s also a way to establish your practice as a thought leader and a good place to work.  

Many social media sites have job boards that alert users to openings in their fields when they occur. Take advantage of these built-in tools to aid in your recruitment. Engage with followers through posts that give updates on events, staff, and job openings. Let everyone know when you are actively recruiting and give tips on how to apply.  

Express Your Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion 

Saying that you support a diverse community is not enough for modern job seekers. They want to see you in action. Consider how you can make a difference and do it. Launch an email campaign that expresses your commitment to inclusion and challenge other business owners to match your investment. 

A staff with a wide variety of experiences speaks volumes about your company and is a smarter way to operate. It is also more likely to attract a wider pool of talented candidates - and patients. 

Get Involved in the Community 

Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 2.48.25 PMBy getting involved in the community through volunteer work or non-profit support, you make your existence known to your neighbors. This is beneficial both in generating new business and attracting top talent.    

Consider taking part in a cause marketing effort that resonates with the audience you want to attract. Cause marketing gets the attention of citizens who wish to align themselves with your values - and maybe want to work with you. Consumers across all generations want to support businesses that make a difference in the community, including where they choose to work.  

Contact Your Media Partner 

Your media partner can help you develop a strategy for recruiting healthcare talent. Contact FOX10 Gulf Coast today to learn about commercial production, digital advertising, and cause marketing as part of your recruitment strategy.  

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