Local Gulf Coast Cause Marketing: How You Can Get Involved

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Aug 30, 2021 10:15:00 AM


Local Gulf Coast Cause Marketing: How You Can Get Involved

Supporting a cause that aligns with your brand's values is a great way to attract the audience you want to reach. When consumers see your company making a positive impact on the community, it helps them feel confident that you are worthy of their trust and loyalty. Cause marketing can help brand your business as one that cares.    

Let's look at how your business can get involved in local Gulf Coast cause marketing.   

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Consumers Respond to Brands with Purpose 

Consumers prefer companies that share their interests; 70% of younger generations believe that a brand should have a purpose that they can personally get behind. Brands that support nonprofits and desire to make the community a better place are rewarded with patronage. Using cause marketing to develop your brand brings awareness to your business and the cause you are supporting. 

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The shopping experience has become a branding event for both the shopper and the brand. Consumers want to support businesses that stand for something, and they want their neighbors to see them doing so. In fact, 62% of Millennials and Gen Z admit that they enjoy buying products that show their ideology. This identifies them as conscious shoppers.     

Find a Cause That Aligns with Your Company Values  

Once you have recognized that cause marketing will benefit your brand, it's time to focus on a cause. Research nonprofits that you believe in and sincerely want to get behind. Make sure the organization you choose operates sustainably before offering your support. Irrespective of marketing benefits, it should bring gratification to you and your team and help your customers feel proud to be associated with your company. 

Consider Your Target Audience 

Keep our audience's values and interests in mind and focus on causes that engage them. Finding ways to get them involved is an excellent way to build relationships. A hosted event or drive will bring people together to support the cause while raising your brand awareness. Sponsorship of already established initiatives is an excellent place to begin.       

Work With an Experienced Media Partner  

Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 9.21.24 AMAn experienced media partner can help you to identify local nonprofits and social/environmental movements to join. They can assist you in getting involved with community-wide initiatives or developing a unique campaign of your own.  

With FOX10 Gulf Coast cause marketing initiatives, your brand will be positioned alongside efforts that are already succeeding. 

Surprise Squad 

Surprise Squad on Fox10 recognizes someone in the community who deserves a helping hand. Viewers nominate candidates to receive an outpouring of community resources based on an impact they’ve made on the lives of others. The Fox10 team, with the support of local businesses like yours, makes a televised surprise visit to award much-needed prizes to the selected winners.   

10 Caring Gifts 

The holiday season is an excellent time of year to get involved in cause marketing. Your sponsorship of 10 Caring Gifts makes the holidays brighter for those in need. In cooperation with the Volunteers of America, FOX10 Gulf Coast makes it easy for you to give back to the community through gifts of food, goods, money, and services.  

Operation Backpack  

Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 11.19.38 AMOperation Backpack works in partnership with Volunteers of America and the Alabama Department of Human Services (DHR) to help students on the Gulf Coast who need school supplies. Your sponsorship helps provide children with what they need for the best first day of school.  

No matter your budget, FOX10 Gulf Coast has a solution to help you meet your cause marketing goals.   

Positive Brand Awareness Through Gulf Coast Cause Marketing   

If you are looking for a way to distinguish your brand from the competition, cause marketing can help you. By actively sponsoring a cause, you show that your brand is not only conscientious but supportive of the community. It is an excellent way to generate business and foster customer loyalty. 

Keep in mind that cause marketing is not just a one-time commitment but an ongoing endeavor. Your involvement in the community is a significant contributor to your brand's success, and it should be a continual part of your marketing strategy. Consumers are interested in supporting businesses that believe in the same things they feel are important and are focused on making a difference. 

Contact FOX10 Gulf Coast today to get started with your initiative. Our media professionals have the tools to align your brand with those avenues that will be most beneficial in establishing a loyal clientele.   

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