How to Know if Lifestyle Marketing is Best for Your Business

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Dec 22, 2020 11:00:00 AM


How to Know if Lifestyle Marketing is Best for Your Business

If your brand aligns with the ideals of a life well-lived, lifestyle marketing may be for you. Lifestyle marketing is a tactic that places your products or services alongside the lifestyle goals and aspirations of the consumers you want to appeal to. It marks your brand as sensitive to the needs of those frequenting a social channel or tuning in to lifestyle-oriented programming. What you provide may be the key to a life that is healthier, more athletic, or happier in some way and this is a way to make your target audience aware of it. 

Here's how to determine if lifestyle marketing can benefit your brand.

1. Your Product Can Enhance a Consumer's Life

Lifestyle marketing offers the opportunity to showcase how your product can benefit consumers and enhance their lifestyles. For example, the goal of Nike's Women's Movement is to empower women. According to this marketing campaign, women who put on a pair of their shoes and run a marathon are Better For It. This speaks to women on so many levels, encouraging them to be active, take on new challenges, and accomplish their goals using Nike products. The focus on women grew double digits for the company in women's business for the second quarter of 2019.  

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If your product can enhance a consumer's life, give the audience a specific value proposition that will speak to them. If the cameras you sell can help the customer take more professional-looking photographs, express that idea convincingly. Keep the content relative to the viewer as you explain how your brand can make his life better. You want to create an aura around your product that shows rather than tells the customer that life can be better when they engage with your brand. End with a clear call to action to make it easier for consumers to get in touch.  

2. Your Business Provides a Service  

When you offer a service, it can be difficult for consumers to imagine its value unless they have already experienced it for themselves. Lifestyle marketing puts your services in context to give the audience a better idea of what you are selling. If you provide catering for intimate at-home dinners, consider advertising your brand during an event-planning or cooking segment of a lifestyle show. In this way, viewers can see for themselves how your service might benefit them. 

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Your media partner will have more ideas on making your service attractive to a certain lifestyle.

3. Your Product has Multiple Uses

Often, a business sells products that have several different uses. Lifestyle marketing allows the brand to demonstrate all the ways the product can be used plus ideas for getting the most out of the product. One example would be a local restaurant that sells its food products to-go. The chef might appear on a lifestyle program to give examples of all the situations where these products might work and time savings associated with their use. 

Learn More About Lifestyle Marketing

Lifestyle marketing is a good way to show consumers the many ways your product can fulfill their needs as they live their best possible lives.

4. Your Business Can Offer Tips & Tricks

Using lifestyle marketing, you can show your brand's expertise and thought leadership by offering tips and tricks for making life better using your products. Establishing yourself as an authority in the field helps potential customers feel like you get them and your products or services can be trusted.

Consider a financial advisor who doesn't have a tangible product to display. She needs to show consumers how she can assist them in taking control of their money. By sponsoring a targeted segment in a lifestyle show, she has the opportunity to explain the importance of investing and how seeking the advice of a professional often has the best results.

Making Lifestyle Marketing Work for Your Brand 

Lifestyle marketing expresses to your target audience why your services are necessary and how your brand can be beneficial for maintaining a lifestyle. If you offer a product or service that can make life better for your audience, has multiple uses, or comes with tips and tricks, a lifestyle marketing campaign could increase sales. By selling a lifestyle rather than just a product, it can foster loyalty like no other marketing strategy.

FOX10 Gulf Coast has several opportunities for lifestyle marketing including print ads in our iconic magazines and  sponsorship of integrated segments in our lifestyle show, Studio 10. Airing weekdays at 9 AM on FOX10, Studio 10 features lifestyle, food, fashion, entertainment and cooking segments on every show. It's a chance to get the community interested in local businesses around the Gulf Coast and the opportunity for you to create brand awareness. 

Contact us today to learn more about how lifestyle marketing with FOX10 Gulf Coast can benefit you.

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