Are you a Paint, Roofing or Window Business - 5 Marketing Tips you Won't Want to Miss

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Marketing for paint, roofing, and window businesses_

When competition is fierce, marketing can be challenging. Painting, roofing, and window businesses know this all too well since the industry is saturated -which is why it's so important to create marketing materials that will break through the noise.

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Nearly 20% of businesses fail within the first year, almost 50% are struggling by their fifth year, and only a third make it to ten years. This is because they failed to properly market their businesses and differentiate from the competition. After all, if consumers have dozens of options and no genuine idea of who you are — they're more likely to find another business they’re familiar with.  

If you're marketing for a painting, roofing, or window business, you likely already know of the challenges ahead. Rest assured that the following tips will make all the difference for you! 

Be Active on Social Media  

Social media is a giant in the digital marketing world, and it should never be underestimated for its potential. It allows you to reach a broad range of people with a few clicks, as well as build and maintain relationships with consumers - all at a lower cost than most other marketing strategies. Not only do users spend an average of 2.5 hours a day on social networks and messaging, but 54% of those users use social to browse and research products.  

Businesses that rely on images and videos most (like real estate and all the businesses surrounding it — i.e., windows, painting, roofing, furniture, interior design, etc.) will benefit most from a social media presence. This is because it's the perfect place to showcase your work and projects, giving your business the visual appeal it needs to attract customers. 

Don't forget to also engage followers with interactive content that makes them feel like they're part of the decision. Now that 83% of customers expect immediate engagement, it would be a mistake to overlook its importance. 

Create a Commercial  

Commercials are great because they help you put a face to your business while also appealing to the audience's emotions. TV advertising still has a significantly higher reach than streaming — sitting at a 90% weekly reach among adults 18 and older. When done correctly, it can bring your business the awareness and reputation it needs to differentiate from the competition.  

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People rely on emotions rather than information to make brand decisions. This is seen particularly in Coca-Cola ads that support happy feelings of people connecting over a shared Coke. 

Include Testimonials on Your Website  

The truth is, consumers trust other customers' opinions of you much more than they trust your word. When it comes to deciding whether to make a purchase, they want to know that your product did what it was supposed to for others before they try for themselves. Eighty-eight percent of customers trust online testimonials as much as recommendations from family or friends, and websites with testimonials have a 45% increase in traffic compared to websites with no testimonials. 

Show before and after photos and videos of your product to highlight the difference you can make for consumers. Combine those with testimonials or reviews from past clients, and you have a goldmine of trust and credibility to offer to potential customers. 

Host a Segment on a Lifestyle Show  

Lifestyle shows are the perfect opportunity for you to reach a local audience. The trust that the audience has in the lifestyle hosts will transfer to your brand, making consumers more open to your offer. Have a series of segments on a lifestyle show to provide tips and tricks, how-tos, and more. Show them what you can do and encourage them to reach out to you for a proposal. 

Lifestyle shows like Studio 10 are great for getting the community interested in local businesses and organizations around the Gulf Coast. Better yet, one segment isn't all you get — it also gets posted to their site and social media. Enjoy brand awareness from Studio 10's fan base while sharing among your own! 

Create an Email Newsletter Series  

By this point, there's no doubting what email can do for businesses, especially when combined with digital or other marketing efforts. When deciding between email marketing and direct mail, more evidence supports the potential of email because it's personalized, cost-effective, credible, generates website traffic, and is great for retargeting past customers. 

Make sure to give customers education and information for paint, roofing, and window preventative maintenance, projects, tips, etc. Seventy percent of millennials are frustrated with brands sending irrelevant emails, and 71% of consumers say a personalized experience would influence their decision to open and read brand emails. 

Keep in mind their buyer’s journey and where they're at in their home/building process to keep the emails personalized to them specifically.  

Break Through the Noise with a Media Partner 

Marketing your painting, roofing, or window business can be cost-effective, efficient, wide-reaching, and targeted to your specific audience while cutting out ad waste to consumers who aren't interested in your offer.  

Working with a media partner goes a step further and helps you break through the noise and reach your target audience for better results. These marketing strategies are proven to be successful, but they're still challenging - a team of marketing experts with significant experience will help you navigate them much more efficiently. 

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