7 Creative Marketing Ideas You Can Steal

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7 Creative Marketing Ideas You Can Steal

Every day, people are exposed to an average of 5,000 ads. They see them everywhere they go and engage with them regularly. If you want your business to break through the noise, developing creative marketing materials can make a huge difference. Creative marketing can catch consumers' attention and let them know that there's something different about your business. 

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Coming up with creative ideas can present a challenge all its own. Are you looking for new ways to reach your target audience? Try some of these strategies.

1. Create relevant infographics.

What do people most want to know when they connect with your business? Can you share a quick snapshot of that information with them through an infographic?

A car dealership might frequently get questions about the safest vehicles or the best vehicles for families. A spa might create a quick infographic to show the most relaxing services or what home solutions consumers can use to help them relax and feel pampered. Consider what information consumers need most from your business and how you can deliver it to them in a catchy infographic.

2. Repurpose old creative with a new look.

What are some of the most effective creative assets you have produced in the past?  From television commercials to blog content, you may have created incredibly relevant ads that reached your audience. Over time, however, those materials become outdated.

That doesn't mean that you can’t continue to use them. Instead, repurpose them. Give them a great new look or send them out to consumers through a new format to make the most of your materials.

3. Host a virtual class or information session.

Now, more than ever, consumers are looking for ways to entertain themselves and gather information from home. Virtual classes and information sessions are a great way to make that happen. Consider what type of activities consumers might like to be able to engage in on their own, then hold a class that will allow them to do it. 

A bakery might show some basic cake or cookie decorating skills. You could even sell kits that customers could purchase and take home to participate in the class. A spa might hold a virtual class on how to create your own face masks. A gym might offer online fitness classes. Through those virtual classes, you can help establish your authority and capability, inviting more people to engage with your business. 

4. Incorporate an email marketing series.

Put together a series of emails that will help encourage consumers to check out what's coming next from your business. You might have a series that highlights a number of products in a specific line. Or you might choose to offer an instructional series that will help take customers through specific steps in the buyer's journey.

5. Integrate user content.

Users are constantly creating new content of their own. They take pictures, write reviews, and show themselves using your products. Many users would eagerly share those materials for a chance to be featured by your business.  Try a contest that invites users to submit specific content or start a social media group that encourages followers to post regularly using a specific hashtag. 

6. Create a commercial that virtually showcases your team.

Use your commercial to highlight who you are and what you do. Take consumers on a walk behind the scenes at your business. Highlight the things that set your business apart, such as your commitment to the community or the way you interact with customers. As you show consumers who you are, they will naturally develop a deeper relationship with you. 

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7. Highlight unique ways to use your product.

Often, when you create how-to videos and other content about your products, you will focus on their original use - the things they were first intended for. In practice, however, actual users may use your product in a number of unique ways. Highlight those unique strategies for making use of your product. 

For example, dry erase markers are not just for school white boards. They can also help share messages on bathroom mirrors or allow you to create a picture display in your windows. Come up with creative, unique ways consumers are using your product and show those examples to your audience. 

It's time to get creative with your advertising and help your business stand out from the crowd! Need more creative strategies that will help set your business apart? Consider working with a media partner who can help you come up with creative advertising options that will speak to your unique business. 

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