2020 Recap: Our Top 5 Blogs

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Jan 14, 2021 10:39:00 AM


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2020 was a year that will undoubtedly go down in the history books. As people adapted to the "new norm," businesses had to also. Throughout this year, our values at FOX10 Gulf Coast stayed strong. We continue to remain dedicated to publishing the latest marketing tips and trends for business to thrive along the Gulf Coast.

We want to help businesses achieve their goals. Our blog deep dives into different aspects of marketing your business, such as setting an annual budget, measuring your ROI, creating a digital campaign, and much more. Getting companies closer to their dreams is our mission, so here are the top 5 blogs of 2020:

  1. Top 5 Tips to Know Before Creating a TV Commercial
  2. Advertising Glossary: Advertising Words Made Simple
  3. What is OTT and How Will it Benefit Your Business?
  4. The Importance of Advertising Consistency
  5. Tips to Developing Your Annual Marketing Plan for the New Year

We hope 2021 brings your business growth and prosperity! To keep up to date with current marketing trends affecting the Gulf Coast, subscribe to our blog!

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